Re: Error handling for SVG and MathML in HTML

Ben Boyle wrote:
> Is this much different to parsing invalid markup that began with <object ... ?

With <object> you keep recovering along; there's never any change in parsing 

The model you propose is closest to parsing <script> or <style>, but with much 
more complicated rules for determining when the <svg> ends...  Rules that I'd 
love to see articulated if we're to evaluate the model.

> How interleaved can SVG/MathML and HTML be?

I think James addressed this.  In the case of SVG, "arbitrarily".

> Not specifically, more that "images work because they follow
> standards" and that I can't just take a lump of data and serve it as
> image/png and expect that to work.

Uh...  You can't?

As long as it has a PNG header (and no one's saying people will screw up the 
<svg xmlns=""> part), and follows the general structure of a PNG file, it'll 
"work" in that the browser will render something.  Possibly not exactly what you 

And browsers accept plenty of technically-invalid (not following the standard) 
images because a number of popular authoring tools generate (or have generated 
in the past) such.


P.S.  Again, not expressing any opinions on the point in debate; just dealing 
with issues of fact.

Received on Saturday, 15 March 2008 17:24:17 UTC