Re: Exploring new vocabularies for HTML

I don't recall seeing this discussed before and a quick search of the mail
archives didn't turn up anything.

The main (only?) reason that tag minimization of math tags has come up is
because of a requirement(?) for hand authoring.  However, to make hand
authoring viable, one needs to have named character entities.  It seems like
this is assumed (eg,, but
this raises two questions in my mind

   1. do you really want to include the >2,000 named entities of MathML?
   2. are their any conflicts with those entities and entities defined in
   HTML5 -- I'm not aware of any, but has anyone checked?

The MathML spec specifically recommends against using named entities for
several reasons such as the need they be defined in a DTD, but they are
pretty much essential if you are going to hand author math.

Has the HTML5 WG come up with a position on including MathML's named
entities in HTML5?

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