Re: Exploring new vocabularies for HTML

> Assuming that MathML is integrated into HTML, the MAthML fragments in HTML 
> will most definitely be the same kind of DOMs as you would get from 
> strictly XML MathML. The suggestions I have made regarding parsing are 
> purely syntactic and have no effect whatsoever on the resulting DOMs.

The DOM  models the internal memory structire of a browser, What passes
between applications is typically the serial form. That's the essence 
of the definition of a markup language, that it defines a common
language that can be shared between people or applications.

> we get the same level of backwards compatibility either way
That seems to be so obviously false I'm not sure how to respond to it.

> Anything we do that puts MathML into text/html will, irrespective of any 
> additional things we do like allow tag inference, create a new
> syntax. 

There is a big difference between say dropping quotes around attributes
that can be automatically put back in for any tree (without any specific
language knowledge, and parsing  string of unmarked up text to infer
some tree structure.


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