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special borders Nikodem (Friday, 31 August)

Re: [CSS3 Backgrounds and Borders] border-radius Brad Kemper (Tuesday, 28 August)

Re[7]: <table presentation="pie"> (was: Re: <table chart="pie">) Dmitry Turin (Wednesday, 29 August)

[CSS MQ] high-contrast-screen, accessibility Andrew Fedoniouk (Wednesday, 29 August)

[CSS3-Background] Issues list fantasai (Tuesday, 28 August)

[CSSWG] Resolutions 2007-08-28 fantasai (Tuesday, 28 August)

The Next Big Thing Håkon Wium Lie (Tuesday, 28 August)

"non-zero top border" in 8.3.1 Alex Mogilevsky (Tuesday, 28 August)

FW: mirror copy of CSS2.1 Alex Mogilevsky (Monday, 27 August)

css constants Devi Web Development (Monday, 27 August)

auto-table & presentation=decart Dmitry Turin (Sunday, 26 August)

<table><tside>: displaying of table 3x100 of DBMS as table 10x10 Dmitry Turin (Sunday, 26 August)

Re[5]: <table presentation="pie"> (was: Re: <table chart="pie">) Dmitry Turin (Sunday, 26 August)

Re[6]: <table presentation="pie"> (was: Re: <table chart="pie">) Dmitry Turin (Sunday, 26 August)

Decision cube Dmitry Turin (Sunday, 26 August)

GCPM "float-offset" and centering Alex Mogilevsky (Sunday, 26 August)

Re[4]: "display:none" for auto-table Poddubni Alex (Saturday, 25 August)

What is the set of allowed characters in identifiers? Eli Friedman (Friday, 24 August)

Treatment of unterminated string literal in CSS parser Eli Friedman (Thursday, 23 August)

[CSS21] clarification needed for top and bottom property Mike Wilson (Thursday, 23 August)

Re: [CSS3 Page] Comments on CSS3 Paged Media (II) fantasai (Thursday, 23 August)

Why doesn't 'font-weight: 100' work yet? Bert Bos (Wednesday, 22 August)

Re: problem with t040103-ident-03-c.htm? fantasai (Wednesday, 22 August)

[css3-mediaqueries] color-index feature interaction with color feature Stewart Brodie (Wednesday, 22 August)

[css3-mediaquery] Clarification of 'not' Stewart Brodie (Wednesday, 22 August)

[css3-mediaqueries] Rounding fantasai (Tuesday, 21 August)

[Media Queries] aspect ratio Håkon Wium Lie (Tuesday, 21 August)

[css3-mediaqueries] Handling non-square pixels fantasai (Tuesday, 21 August)

[CSSWG] Resolutions 2007-08-21 fantasai (Tuesday, 21 August)

suggestion: renaming value 'suppress' for white-space-collapse Zhang (Friday, 17 August)

Advanced layout module minification Keryx Web (Friday, 17 August)

Re: [css-d] Everything looks great...except Safari! Bjoern Hoehrmann (Thursday, 16 August)

[css3-page] Undefined Grant, Melinda (Thursday, 16 August)

[css3-box] Comments for new WD for the Basic Box Model James Elmore (Wednesday, 15 August)

[CSSWG] Resolutions 2007-08-14 fantasai (Wednesday, 15 August)

[CSS21] @page margins and constant page area width fantasai (Wednesday, 15 August)

Media Groups as Media Queries fantasai (Tuesday, 14 August)

[CSS Text] :last-letter pseudo-class Nikodem (Monday, 13 August)

Fwd: Re: MQ Aspect Ratio fantasai (Saturday, 11 August)

[css3-layout] First :current tab Matthew Raymond (Friday, 10 August)

[css3-layout] New WD for Advanced Layout Bert Bos (Thursday, 9 August)

[css3-box] New WD for the CSS Basic Box Module Bert Bos (Thursday, 9 August)

[CSS3 Text] 4.2. Hyphenation Niklas Åkerlund (Thursday, 9 August)

Lists' counters inheritance Nikodem (Thursday, 9 August)

[css3-gcpm] 3.2. Running elements Steffen Goeldner (Thursday, 9 August)

[CSSWG] Resolutions 2007-08-07 fantasai (Wednesday, 8 August)

[css3-gcpm] 23.4. A more complex example Steffen Goeldner (Wednesday, 8 August)

[CSS3 Page] Fixed-positioned elements on paged media fantasai (Wednesday, 8 August)

RE: [css3-gcpm] counter() and "special" values Håkon Wium Lie (Tuesday, 7 August)

[css3-multicol] How to avoid scrolling up for next column Jarno Suni (Thursday, 21 December)

[css3-gcpm] 6.5. Markers Steffen Goeldner (Friday, 3 August)

[CSS3 Text] Re: controlling tab size Niklas Åkerlund (Friday, 3 August)

[CSS21] Concern about anonymous table objects and whitespace Boris Zbarsky (Friday, 3 August)

Reverse numbering of ordered lists Benjamin Kudria (Wednesday, 1 August)

[css3-gcpm] Miscellaneous comments on WD-css3-gcpm-20070504 Peter Moulder (Thursday, 2 August)

[css3-page] Comments on WD-css3-page-20061010 Peter Moulder (Thursday, 2 August)

breaking between inline boxes James Justin Harrell (Wednesday, 1 August)

Re: Suggestion for new link pseudo-class :current (or similar Grey Hodge (Wednesday, 1 August)

[css3-multicol] float: mid-column Re: multicolumn layouts with text wrapping around cross boundary dives Peter Moulder (Wednesday, 1 August)

List-style-type: lower-greek in CSS 2.1 and CSS3 Richard Ishida (Wednesday, 1 August)

[CSS3 proposal] 'replace-by-image' property Nikodem (Wednesday, 1 August)

List-style-type: armenian in CSS 2.1 and CSS3 Richard Ishida (Wednesday, 1 August)

List-style-type: georgian in CSS 2.1 and CSS3 Richard Ishida (Wednesday, 1 August)

Re: [Bulk] Re: [Bulk] Re: 3rd call: CSS2: howto disable audio? ~:'' ありがとうございました。 (Wednesday, 1 August)

Re: [Bulk] Suggestion for new link pseudo-class :current (or similar ~:'' ありがとうございました。 (Wednesday, 1 August)

Re: 3rd call: CSS2: howto disable audio? Doug Schepers (Wednesday, 1 August)

FW: [css3-page] Page counters Grant, Melinda (Wednesday, 1 August)

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