Re: [css3-multicol] How to avoid scrolling up for next column

If you allow screens to be a paged medium, I think you should also 
define how subsequent pages are displayed. This might be an "acrobat 
reader" kind of style, or perhaps generate tabs for every page. How 
would you specify this? or would you leave it up to the user agent? In 
the latter case, wouldn't the projection media type cover this?

Rikkert Koppes

Jarno Suni wrote:
> I think "column-count: auto" is a promising option to show same web
> content in viewports of different sizes. To ensure that user never has
> to scroll up for next column, I think one way is to define a new paged
> media type for computer screens (and possibly for handheld devices, too).
> The size of a page would have to adapt to the size of viewport
> automatically. Maximum length (or height) of a column would be
> determined by the available vertical space in viewport. Programmer or
> user would specify the preferred column width for easy reading. Ideally,
> the column width should depend on font size, I think.
> Btw. if programmer used neither styles nor tables, setting the single
> column's width should be configurable by user. In my experience, current
> browsers do not give good means to adjust viewport width (without
> resizing the browser window, which is not a handy way, if there are
> several tabs open).

Received on Monday, 6 August 2007 11:55:41 UTC