Re: [Bulk] Suggestion for new link pseudo-class :current (or similar

On 8/1/2007 3:27 AM David Woolley cranked up the brainbox and said:
>> however if this is the nub, accessibility may suggest that the current 
>> page should not have links to itself.
> The key is that it is about using the same navigation bar code on every 
> page, without physically modifying it to suppress own page links.

Correct. Also, there are many "usability" and "accessibility" guidelines that
various working groups have built into specs that are utterly ignored or
misused, such as title and alt tags. I don't think usability and accessibility
would be harmed in any way, shape, or form by this addition, as the lack of
this feature has most certainly not inhibited self-linking anywhere on the
web. In this case, it's about making something easier on designers that is
already being done, not enabling a currently unused bad-practice.

Some people feel GOTO statements in programming languages are bad, but I don't
see people leading mass revolutions to scrub them from the languages. :)

> By comparsion, Wikimedia styles self links bold black and disables the 
> link, but it is only using HTML as a presentational final form language.

Actually, the links work. If the differentiation of the link alone doesn't
clue the user they're on that page, then when they click it and they're taking
to the exact same spot might, while making that item "not clickable" so to
speak is more likely to lead to frustration than enlightenment.

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