Re: GCPM "float-offset" and centering

Also sprach Alex Mogilevsky:

 > Although I was resisting "float-offset" definition initially, I
 > have to admit it is brilliant. It handles all cases of facing pages
 > and writing directions in the most minimal way.

Thanks! Likewise, I think the 'gr' unit is brilliant.

 > One statement in the definition of float-offset I disagree with so
 > far (or perhaps I don't quite understand its meaning):
 > "If the 'gr' unit or percentage unit is used, it means that the
 > middle of the float should be aligned with the specified grid line
 > (or portion thereof)."
 > I think this mixes two different concepts (positioning and
 > centering), 

I'd argue that it's still about positioning (not centering), but it
also moves the reference point of the floated element.

 > and even in the use case table
 > ( "gr"
 > usually just means position, only in case #30 it means centering.

So, how would you like to set the reference point?

In your example for use case #30, you use the percentage value to
express centering. Do you think this is better? I'm probably ok with
switching to percentages, in which case my example for use case #30
would read:

blockquote {
  float: top left column;
  float-offset: 50% 50% }

The "vertical 50%" value is quite easy to explain: the midpoint of the
float is positioned half-way down the column. Likewise, 0% and 100%
would intuitively make sense -- at least if one knows the definition
of "background-position".

The "horizontal 50%" is harder to get. Hmm.

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