Re: [Media Queries] aspect ratio

On 22.08.2007, at 12:57, Spartanicus wrote:

>> The desired criteria is the aspect ratio of the rendering area. I
>> really don't want to use a width based query here.
> Sorry I may have been thrown by your rendering example images being
> shown as desktop windows. Are your use cases for a small screen  
> portable
> device that can be switched into portrait or landscape mode?

This type of layout is supposed to work on any device, screens being  
wide or tall. Individual agents don't necessarily need to support a  
dynamic switch of their aspect ratio. But of course, that should work  
as well. In general, the content is not for small screen "only". It's  
supposed to work as well on TV and desktop.

Please support MQ aspect-ratio, based on the agents rendering area.


Received on Wednesday, 22 August 2007 11:47:07 UTC