Re: [CSS3 proposal] 'replace-by-image' property

> Nikodem wrote:
>> I think that [X]HTML image tag <img src="..." /> is OK for
>> content-related images (photos for articles etc.), but not for
>> navigation (<ul><li><a href="mailto:a@b.c"><img src="mail.png"
>> alt="Mail" /></a></li></ul>), where it is going to be a little
>> presentational. It could be made so:
>>     <style type="text/css">
>>     ul li#mail{replace-by-image:url("mail.png");}
>>     @media print{ul li#mail{replace-by-image:none;}}
>>     </style>
>>     <ul><li id="mail"><a href="mailto:a@b.c">Mail</a></li></ul>

Isn't this already covered by the proposed CSS3 Generated and Replaced Content Module WD?

<style type="text/css">
ul li#mail {content: url("mail.png");}
@media print {
  ul li#mail { content: normal;}


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