RE: [CSS21] clarification needed for top and bottom property

> The spec was actually changed so that percentages for top/bottom *do*
> work. Behavior in this case was previously explicitly undefined:
> So that means at some point the browser implementors discussed it and
> decided it should be possible. I guess it just hasn't been 
> done yet. :)
> ~fantasai

That is great news! All is well then. And this is a rare moment when
IE (even 6.0) is right and all the standard browsers are wrong ;-).

I can see now that this change appeared between the Nov 2006 WD and
the last one but didn't manage to find any discussion on the list.
Great if you could hint on what date period to look for!

Best regards

Received on Friday, 24 August 2007 07:47:06 UTC