Re: Why doesn't 'font-weight: 100' work yet?

At 7:34 PM +0300 8/22/07, Jukka K. Korpela wrote:

>Browser vendors have little motivation for supporting other weights, 
>since nobody uses them or knows about them, except some CSS 
>enthusiasts. :-) I'm not sure whether there's any _need_ for 
>supporting sub-normal weights (100, 200, 300), at least on screen.

    I have come into contact with designs that called for a 
light-weight heading font face.  I can usually fake a heavier weight 
by closing up the letter-spacing a tiny bit, but can't really fake a 
lighter face by spreading out letters.  So in those cases, I just set 
'font-weight' to 'normal' and hope the designer doesn't get too 
worked up about it.
    I would be willing to bet that if support made its way into 
browsers, there would be a short interval in which next to nobody 
took advantage of it, and then use would rapidly spread.  I'm near 
certain that the lack of support is the primary reason most people 
don't know about the numeric values.

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