Re: [CSSWG] Resolutions 2007-08-28

On 28.08.2007, at 23:50, fantasai wrote:

>   Media Queries shall not include any normative requirements on re- 
> evaluating
>     media queries in responses to changes in the environment, but  
> shall include
>     a note explaining that a UA is expected to re-evaluate and re- 
> layout the page
>     in response to viewport resizing.

Let's say, one UA does support aspect-ratio, but does not re-evaluate  
MQ's in response to aspect-ratio changes. In such a case, I may want  
to help myself, with code, similar to the one shown below. How do you  
expect this to play out on another agent, that actually _does_ re- 
evaluate (and possible re-layout) in response to aspect-ratio changes?

This may well result in double rendering and flashing etc, no? It  
could be helpful, if script code had a way to find out, if "automatic- 
aspect-ratio-re-layout" was actually supported by the agent.


// auto-reload on aspect ratio change
var myWidth;
var myHeight;

function load()		// my onLoad fkt.
   myWidth = window.innerWidth;
   myHeight = window.innerHeight;

function resize()	// my onResize fkt.
// if(!automatic-aspect-ratio-re-layout)
     if((myWidth>myHeight && window.innerWidth<window.innerHeight) ||
        (myWidth<myHeight && window.innerWidth>window.innerHeight))
       myWidth = window.innerWidth;
       myHeight = window.innerHeight;

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