[css3-page] Comments on WD-css3-page-20061010

§3.1 Can ‘Non-printable area’ and ‘Printable area’ be merged into one paragraph
called ‘Non-printable area, Printable area’ ?

§3.1, ‘Page area’:  I'm not sure I understand the sense of ‘container’ in “The
page area acts as a container for all the boxes laid out within a given page
box.”  Margin boxes are within a page box, but not within the page area.  Are
we to understand that the page area acts as a container for margin boxes even
though it does not contain the margin boxes?  Does this mean in terms of CSS
percentages "of the containing block" etc. ?  I think it should either say in
what way the page area acts as a container for the boxes (even if this is
already spelled out later in the document), or the ‘acts as a container’
sentence should be removed.

§3.1, ‘Content-empty Page’: It isn't sufficiently clear what things are
considered “printable” given that it's said that “invisible content” can still
be considered printable.  E.g. one would have thought that content marked with
‘visibility: hidden’ would be considered invisible content, yet I would
otherwise guess that such content would not be considered printable.  I think
it would suffice to be explicit about how ‘visibility: hidden’ (and perhaps
‘display: none’) content should be treated.

§3.3.2: Consider changing “the page is always considered to be in Portrait
Orientation” to “‘width’ always refers to the shorter-or-equal of the two
lengths, while ‘height’ always refers to the greater-or-equal of the two

§3.4.1: Trivial: Make the ‘::=’ of LEFTBOTTOM_SYM line up with the rest.

§3.4.2: Presumably a missing colon in 'right'.

Bulleted list: Change comma to ‘then’ in each.
Consider adding ‘(else f=0)’ after the first bullet item, and similarly with
g/h for the other two bullet items.

Example VII: Typographical: Use   in ‘4 centimeters’ and
‘3 centimeters’.

§5.3: It may be worth clarifying what is meant by a paragraph, e.g. in the case
that a logical paragraph (and sentence) has a display block or <br> in the
middle of it.
(For reference, http://www.w3.org/TR/CSS21/visuren.html#direction says
“... apply the Unicode bidirectional algorithm to every sequence of inline
boxes uninterrupted by a forced line break or block boundary. This sequence
forms the "paragraph" unit in the bidirectional algorithm.”)

§5.4: CSS2.1 has some changes that haven't yet been incorporated into
css3-page, e.g. it's now ABD then C rather than BD then AC in the last two
paragraphs (http://www.w3.org/TR/CSS21/page.html#allowed-page-breaks).
I haven't done a diff to find other changes.

§5.6, Example XXII, second bullet item: Change ‘MUST contain exactly two lines’
to ‘MUST contain at least two lines’.  (One might place more than two lines on
the next page in order to achieve the goal of “[making] all pages that don't
end with a forced break appear to have about the same height.”)


Received on Thursday, 2 August 2007 10:38:42 UTC