Re: [Media Queries] aspect ratio

Håkon Wium Lie <> wrote:

>Second, it has been argued that the most common use case for
>aspect-ratio is to find out whether the window is in portrait or
>landscape mode.

For the discussion here it would help me if the use case(s) that
has/have been devised could be presented here.

>If this is the case, the code could be made more
>intuitive by adding keywords. For example:
>  @media screen and (aspect-ratio: portrait) 
>  @media screen and (aspect-ratio: landscape)
>Or just:
>  @media screen and (aspect: portrait) 
>  @media screen and (aspect: landscape)
>Or even:
>  @media screen and (portrait) 
>  @media screen and (landscape)

I don't understand how these keywords would work, what aspect ratio or
aspect ratio range would qualify as portrait or landscape?


Received on Tuesday, 21 August 2007 22:21:20 UTC