Re: [Media Queries] aspect ratio

Also sprach Timur Mehrvarz:

 > >   @media screen and (max-aspect-ratio: 1/1) /* portrait or square */
 > >   @media screen and (min-aspect-ratio: 1/1) /* landscape or square */

Would you prefer the above to a keyword-based approach? E.g.:

  @media screen and (aspect-ratio: portrait)
  @media screen and (aspect-ratio: landscape)


  @media screen and (aspect: portrait)
  @media screen and (aspect: landscape)


  @media screen and (portrait)
  @media screen and (landscape)

 > But support for this would not be complete, if it does not imply an  
 > immediate switch of stylesheets, when the user resizes the rendering  
 > area. (Whenever a new criteria is fulfilled.) Not mandating this,  
 > would be bad, because this would very often result in amazing  
 > rendering results, when the wrong stylesheet is being applied to the  
 > wrong aspect ratio. I don't think users will realize, that a document  
 > reload, in such a scenario, could actually result in a (much) better  
 > rendering. Also, in the context of stateful web applications, a  
 > reload may be a cumbrous thing to ask for.

For a a phone with two states -- landscape and portrait -- it makes
sense to evaluate the media queries when the state is changed. I
expect all implementations to do this.

However, in an environment where the user resizes the viewport by
hand, by dragging with a mouse, I don't think the spec should demand
that media queries are evaluated during the resizing of the viewport.
If we do so, resizing windows may become unbearably slow.

I think this issue should be left to implementations.

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Received on Tuesday, 21 August 2007 22:38:28 UTC