Re: [css3-multicol], [css3-gcpm] float: mid-column

Christoph Päper wrote:
> Håkon Wium Lie:
>> It's not too late, but we don't have a better name. "Advanced
>> functionality for paged media" might be more suitable,
> CSS 3.5: Paged Media
> (Maybe you could also find some acronymic phrase matching PAGE, PRINT or 
>> but what do we call the next version which has ever more functionality?
> CSS 4: Paged Media

Yeah, that's what I was going to say. :)

> Btw., which is the canonical variant?
> - CSS3 module: Foo
> - CSS 3 module: Foo
> - CSS3 Module: Foo
> - CSS 3 Module: Foo
> - CSS3: Foo
> - CSS 3: Foo
> The GCPM draft uses the first, the Paged Media draft the third style.

We decided at one F2F that modules should be able to rev version number
independently but didn't settle on a canonical naming scheme. We have
"Cascading Style Sheets Level 1" and "Cascading Style Sheets Level 2",
so "CSS Foo Level 3" or "CSS Foo Module Level 3" makes sense to me. Of
course I expect whatever we pick to be abbreviated to CSS3 Foo in most

>> In general, advanced functionality has been moved from other specs
>> into gcpm. That makes it slightly more cumbersome to read up (two
>> documents instead of one), but it's more satisfying for implementors
>> can claim full compliance with a spec rather than, say, 2/3.
> I thought we had levels (and profiles (and revisions)) for that.

Yeah. I think we should seriously consider splitting up gcpm's features
into more coherent modules (e.g. hyphenation should move to CSS3 Text),
but as that creates a lot of overhead for Håkon it's probably best to
leave them grouped into gcpm until they're more stable.


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