Re: [CSSWG] Resolutions 2007-08-28

Timur Mehrvarz wrote:
> Let's say, one UA does support aspect-ratio, but does not re-evaluate 
> MQ's in response to aspect-ratio changes. In such a case, I may want to 
> help myself, with code, similar to the one shown below.

That's exactly what sites did to work around NS4 not reapplying CSS in some 
cases.  The result is that some UAs don't actually reload when you do 
location.reload() from a resize event handler.  The relevant Gecko code comment, 
for example, is:

      // location.reload() was called on a window that is handling a
      // resize event. Sites do this since Netscape 4.x needed it, but
      // we don't, and it's a horrible experience for nothing. In stead
      // of reloading the page, just clear style data and reflow the
      // page since some sites may use this trick to work around gecko
      // reflow bugs, and this should have the same effect.

In other words, UAs already have to do with this situation....


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