[CSS3 Page] Fixed-positioned elements on paged media

Grant, Melinda wrote:
 > fantasai wrote:
>> I think any fixed-positioned element whose position is outside the
>> initial containing block should not be rendered at all. That's what
>> happens in continuous media. 
> I agree. There's verbiage in css3-page that allows but does not mandate
> this behavior: 
> From 3.7:
> "
> This specification does not define how boxes positioned outside the page
> box are handled. Possibilities include discarding them or creating page
> boxes for them at the end of the document.
> "

I think it's perfectly reasonable for absolutely-positioned boxes positioned
off the page to be printed. But I think we should mandate that fixed-positioned
boxes positioned outside the initial containing block are not visible. That's
the case for continuous media already, and the behavior should be consistent.


Received on Wednesday, 8 August 2007 00:48:02 UTC