Re: [CSS21] clarification needed for top and bottom property

Mike Wilson wrote:
> Oh, I would be very happy if browsers actually did support the |top|
> property in this scenario, but Gecko, Safari and Opera all behave the
> same in this respect, ie ignoring it, which is striking when being 
> off-spec.
> We also had a discussion over at css-discuss where arguments were
> laid out why it had to be this way, correlating it to the (natural)
> problems of doing the same with |height| property (that leads to
> recursion). 
> Personally I think it would be possible to fix this for the |top| 
> property, but what do all the browser implementor experts out there 
> say?
> And if the spec wants it to be possible, we may need a clarification
> for "that" so there is no chance of misinterpretation :-).

The spec was actually changed so that percentages for top/bottom *do*
work. Behavior in this case was previously explicitly undefined:
So that means at some point the browser implementors discussed it and
decided it should be possible. I guess it just hasn't been done yet. :)


Received on Friday, 24 August 2007 07:11:07 UTC