Re: Decision cube

Dmitry Turin wrote:
> I propose to display multi-dimentional cube like below,
> where
> "h" and "H" are headers of dimensions, e.g. "customer", "goods", "city", etc;
> "v" and "V" are names of cumtomer, names of goods, names of cities;
> "z" is quantity (value in node of multi-dimensional cube).

Dmitry, CSS is a styling language, not a semantics language. I'm
not too clear on what you're proposing, but I suspect it's out of
scope for CSS. Also for HTML.. the use case doesn't strike me as
very common, and I can't tell what benefits your markup is trying
to offer that aren't already covered by the tables markup in HTML4.

It seems more like you're trying to capture all the relationships
of a multi-dimensional database in HTML+CSS, but that's not the
purpose of these languages. HTML+CSS can be used to provied views
of the data in a database, it's not supposed to be the database


Received on Sunday, 26 August 2007 05:59:37 UTC