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New translation: Tagowanie tekstu bez języka Richard Ishida (Monday, 29 September)

Language declarations in XHTML 1.1 Richard Ishida (Friday, 26 September)

New tests: Web fonts Richard Ishida (Tuesday, 23 September)

3 new translations: Πολυγλωσσικές Φόρμες, Κώδικες γλώσσας με δύο ή τρία γράμματα, and Μη Αγγλικά στοιχεία Richard Ishida (Tuesday, 2 September)

New translation: Ημερομηνίες και Χρόνος Richard Ishida (Friday, 29 August)

Re: [whatwg] Is EBCDIC support needed for not breaking the Web? Ian Hickson (Friday, 29 August)

Weird bidi behavior? Martin Duerst (Wednesday, 27 August)

New tests for web fonts Richard Ishida (Monday, 25 August)

New translation: Sortowanie rozwijanej listy Richard Ishida (Tuesday, 19 August)

RE: meta content-language Richard Ishida (Friday, 15 August)

Updated tests & results: Language declarations Richard Ishida (Friday, 15 August)

XML Core -> I18n Core: IRIs as namespace names? John Cowan (Wednesday, 13 August)

are there lots of URLs that have non-UTF-8 percent-encoded octets in them? janssen@parc.xerox.com (Tuesday, 12 August)

New tests & results: CSS encoding detection Richard Ishida (Friday, 8 August)

New location for Charmod Normalization editor's draft Richard Ishida (Wednesday, 6 August)

RE: Translation control in HTML5 Richard Ishida (Tuesday, 5 August)

Updated tests & results: Language-dependent styling Richard Ishida (Monday, 4 August)

New translation: CSS vs. Markup für bidirektionale Dokumente Richard Ishida (Monday, 4 August)

Original vs. tranlsation content negotiation Leif Halvard Silli (Friday, 1 August)

URIs and i18n Jean-Guilhem Rouel (Monday, 28 July)

IEEE/ACM/WIC Workshop on Social Networks - Final call for papers Ajith Abraham (Monday, 28 July)

HIS 2008 - Call for Participation Ajith Abraham (Wednesday, 23 July)

UNICODE and baselines alignment points Stephane Heintz (Monday, 14 July)

New translations Richard Ishida (Monday, 14 July)

RE: call for comments: Character Model Part II: Normalization--comments on punctuation/grammar CE Whitehead (Monday, 7 July)

RE: Feedback for "An Introduction to Multilingual Web Addresses" -- mostly grammar/proofreading CE Whitehead (Monday, 7 July)

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