RE: meta content-language

> From: Felix Sasaki []
> Sent: 28 August 2008 02:16
> > disallowing it, why not simply  propose that it be treated as equivalent
> > an HTTP header declaration, and clearly specify that browsers can use
> > initial item in any sequence of values for the meta content-language as
> > fallback for the default text-processing language where there is no
> > attribute.
> just to be sure: you mean "where there is no language attribute at the
> <html> element", right?

Well, if there were a language attribute on the html element the meta
information would only be used if there was a comment or anything else
outside the <html>.  If there wasn't a language attribute on the <html>
element, the meta information would be applicable down each branch of the
document tree until a language attribute was encountered.


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