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Thanks Dave,

I also happen to have tested with a non-released version of Opera, which
does some font-linking, though, so far, far from perfect.  The unreleased
versions are a moving target, so it's not always helpful to publish results
for them, or fair if the results are not updated regularly, although I will
certainly mention in my summary that things should improve in upcoming

I ran the latest nightly version of Safari (on XP) and found that I could
now see characters, but for the font-linked text the glyph advance
information is not being correctly rendered, and most tests other than
Georgian and Armenian now produce a splodge of black with some characters
protruding.  The exception is Tibetan, where characters are no longer
combining.  For the installed font text... the Khmer is now worse in that
the subscript consonants are no longer forming, and the vowel sign that
surrounds the last consonant appears unjoined after it.  The joining form in
the penultimate word of the Arabic Typesetting text is now fixed, though the
other issues remain.  The Urdu is still a blank space.  Hope that's of some

I don't have a Mac (sorry about that).  Would you be able to send me some
screen grabs of how it looks (for the latest released version) ?  I'll be
happy to add that to the results.


Richard Ishida
Internationalization Lead
W3C (World Wide Web Consortium)

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> > Safari 3.1.2:
> > font-linking: Georgian and Armenian, supports fine (though Georgian
> > text looks a little bolder); Khmer, blank space; Hindi, no support,
> > and a difference between the result for the downloaded font (blank
> > space) and the system default (correctly rendered text); Arabic,
> > same as Hindi; Urdu, blank space; Thai, Tibetan & Myanmar, blank
> > space (though system default shows fonts)
> > EOT: no support
> > Installed font text: Georgian, Armenian, Hindi, Thai, Tibetan &
> > Myanmar perfect; Khmer, a slightly higher placement of the vowel
> > sign diacritic above the base character when using the Battambang
> > font (not the Mool font), but otherwise fine; Arabic, in Arabic
> > Typesetting font only, misaligned contextual join between first two
> > characters of penultimate word, and in both fonts diacritics
> > slightly too high, though correctly placed relative to each other;
> > Urdu, blank space, though system default font looks ok;
> >
> Hopefully you can emphasize that these are Windows results (as the Mac
> version of Safari 3.1 should do much better than the Windows version).
> Most of these bugs that you describe are fixed in WebKit nightlies for
> Windows.  (  I don't know if you want to
> include those in your results, but I thought you should know that many
> of these issues have been addressed.
> dave
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