RE: URIs and i18n

> I guess Jean-Gui is looking for URIs that
> can be read/written/recognized/remembered by an international audience, which
> is why he feels he needs to use ASCII only, rather than IRIs.
> Any thoughts on the matter?

As I understand it, the Unicode project pursues the aim of letting people use
their distinct languages, with those languages’ distinct scripts, to name
shared concepts, e.g. "Belgium" = "Bɛ́lɛzika" = "比利时" = "बेल्जियम" = "벨기에".

That goal seems to me applicable to the names of persons, and the names of Web
locations. Does Jean-Guilhem Rouel’s proposal pursue the opposite goal, of
expecting all users to learn a single representation?

Received on Monday, 28 July 2008 19:12:09 UTC