UNICODE and baselines alignment points


My name is Stephane Heintz, I am working for QuickOffice on the BitFlash SVG Player and I have a question about baselines and glyph alignment points.

I am trying to display a string of glyphs using international unicode characters. Different scripts are mixed together, and they align on different baselines. Let's take the example of mixing English (alphabetic baseline), Chinese kanji (ideographic baseline) and Devanagari scripts. Is there a generic way to find out what is the default baseline for a random unicode character ? In other words, is there a comprehensive table somewhere that indicates for each unicode glyph, which baseline it aligns on ? Or which baseline the glyphs of a given *script* align on ? If there is none, how can I find out where a given glyph aligns ? Is this information supposed to be in the font I am using ? What if it is not ?

Any support regarding this concern will be greatly appreciated and will help us design a more conformant implementation of SVG. Thanks !


Received on Wednesday, 16 July 2008 05:54:27 UTC