Re: meta content-language

Mark Davis wrote:

> I'm kinda lost in this thread so far.

Same here.  But I like your quiz:
> (HTTP) Content-Language: lang1
> <meta http-equiv="Content-Language" content="lang2"/>
> <html lang="lang4" xml:lang="lang3">
> <p lang="lang5">

> My take is that HTML5 has it right

Right, 4 plus 1 yields 5 :-)

> lang5 wins over lang4 over lang3 over lang2 over lang1.

Maybe lang5 wins.  But it is odd, if that is XHTML 1 I'd
miss an xml:lang, and if it is HTML then xml:lang lang3
is an undefined attribute.  

Likely HTML5 defines an error handling, but a validator
could say "you lose", not "lang5 wins".

And lang2 and lang1 are two conflicting Content-Language
header fields.  I'd opt for "never trust the server",
and like you I'd pick lang2 over lang1.
> Note that it can be zero ("")

Yes, that is better in HTML5.


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