RE: Updated tests & results: Language declarations

I forgot to add the result for IE8beta.  Have done that (locally) and have worked on the result text a bit more. I have also added some tests with multiple values in meta and I'm working on a test that declares different languages in html lang and meta, to see which has precedence.  I'll upload the new stuff shortly and announce it all when done.



Richard Ishida
Internationalization Lead
W3C (World Wide Web Consortium)

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> Richard Ishida 2008-08-15 16.17:
> > [... ] I have corrected the test page [...]
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> > The difference that this causes is that, when a meta tag is
> > used, Firefox now detects the language for :lang (but not for
> > font selection, just like for the HTTP test), and Safari also
> > detects the language for :lang (it doesn't do font selection),
> > even though Safari doesn't recognize the HTTP header
> > declaration.
> >
> > IE and Opera continue to not recognize the meta declaration at
> > all.
> Confirmed on Mac OS X. The old IE 5.2 for Mac also uses the META.
> > I don't have a test for what happens if the meta tag declares
> > several languages at once to be the default. I may add one
> > using the model of the multiple-value-in-HTTP tests I have.
> I tested multiple language tags in the same META element. Only
> Firefox "supports" it. IE 5.2. for Mac also has some support,
> however, there only the last language tag in the content attribute
> is used.
> Another thing to test, is the presence of two or more
> Content-Language META elements in the same document. I am not
> certain about the semantical likeness/difference from placing all
> language tags in the same META element. But at least, doing so
> gives more predicable results, as then only the last META element
> is used in CSS selectors.
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