Re: Character-distinguishing fonts

I think that in the major browsers and word processers,
you can select the actual font per script. For example,
in Opera, you can use Tools -> Preferences -> Advanced ->
Fonts -> International Fonts...

This will allow you to create a combined font that distinguishes
scripts the way you prefer it. Using strong distinctions
between fonts may be good to recognize spoofing attacks,
but it's not necessarily very aesthetic, so it may be
better if individuals patch together what they see as
acceptable, rather than fonts being created with the
intent to please everyone.

Regards,    Martin.

At 08:48 08/08/01, Jonathan Pool wrote:
>> Should not
>> use of fonts which clearly distinguish the different letters and scripts be
>> adviced in these regards?
>At least while editing multiscript documents where all characters might
>appear, I would be very happy to use a set of fonts that visually distinguish
>all Unicode characters. That would include distinguishing 0061 from 0430, 02BC
>from 2019, 2130 from 05D0, 00F5 from 006F+0303, etc. etc.

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