Re: New tests & results: CSS encoding detection

Richard Ishida 2008-08-08 20.34:


I took the test on Mac OS X (Leopard, PPC) for Firefox, Opera and 
Safari. The difference from your results were that Safari 3.5.1 
for Mac OS X (ppc) failed in test 3 and 4.

A note about Opera: Many more - most - tests will fail in Opera if 
you do not use the automatic encoding option of the text encoding 
menu. For instance, the first test fails if you - before taking 
the test - manually select the encoding ISO-8859-1. Wheras in 
Firefox, selecting ISO-8859-1 before clicking the links in the 
test, does not make any of the tests fail.

(In Firefox, using the automatic encoding detection option means 
that Firefox will will use "guesswork/analysis" as fallback, in 
case the info it gets from the page/server is incomplete etc. 
Wheras to not use auto encoding dection, e.g. if you select 
ISO-8859-1, means that Firefox instead of performing any analysis, 
will use ISO-8859-1 as *fallback*. Or something like that. In 
Opera, not using Automatic, seems to mean that it overrules all 
the server/page encoding info.)
leif halvard silli

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