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KEST 2004: SECOND CALL FOR PAPERS Jinxin Si (Thursday, 1 April)

Call for prototype & product presentation of Agent related Platforms, Frameworks, Systems, Applications, and Tools; as part of NODE, Sept. 27-30, 2004, Erfurt, Germany Rainer Unland (Wednesday, 31 March)

CfP IEEE INDIN04, Track #3: Systems Interoperability and Information Integration; Berlin, Germany, June 26-28, 2004 Rainer Unland (Wednesday, 31 March)

RDF frozados@fibertel.com.ar (Wednesday, 31 March)

Editorial on the SWIG Neil McNaughton (Wednesday, 31 March)

Storing RDF in a relational database Eric Jain (Wednesday, 31 March)

Re: German Translation of SemWeb - Deutsche Begriffe Benja Fallenstein (Tuesday, 30 March)

Announcement: RAP – RDF API for PHP Version 0.71 Chris Bizer (Tuesday, 30 March)

CFP: OTM 2004 Laura Bright (Tuesday, 30 March)

Closed World Negation with CWM Raphael Volz (Monday, 29 March)

Last Call for Papers - ICEC04 - Deadline April 1 2004 Fabien Gandon (Monday, 29 March)

EKAW 2004 - New deadline for paper submission Enrico Motta (Monday, 29 March)

Ontology generator (random discovery) Graham Klyne (Monday, 29 March)

Announcing SKOS-Core 1.0 - an RDF Schema for Thesauri Miles, AJ (Alistair) (Monday, 29 March)

discussion list for Annotea developers Marja-Riitta Koivunen (Saturday, 27 March)

Using RDF to describe biological taxonomy. Tim Nowaczyk (Saturday, 27 March)

ANNOUNCE (again, with better formatting): The Fabl Programming Language Chris Goad (Friday, 26 March)

ANNOUNCE: The Fabl Programming Language Chris Goad (Friday, 26 March)

Semaview Announcement - iCalendar .NET parser Leo Sauermann (Friday, 26 March)

Re: Strategies for inference over lists of values Jeff Z. Pan (Friday, 26 March)

Namespaces Eric Jain (Friday, 26 March)

apply for jioning the mail-list yuexl (Friday, 26 March)

Programming languages Jamie Pitts (Friday, 26 March)

Yet Another Tool for 20 million triples / request for data Adrian Walker (Friday, 26 March)

Re: [Sesame-interest] RE: Sesame 1.0 released! Jeen Broekstra (Thursday, 25 March)

CfP 2nd Int. German Conference on Multi-agent System Technologies (MATES'04) 29.-30. Sept. Erfurt Germany Rainer Unland (Thursday, 25 March)

CfP 2nd Int. XML Database Symposium (XSym 2004) in conjunction with VLDB 2004 in Toronto, August 29-30 Rainer Unland (Thursday, 25 March)

Turtle terse rdf triple language updates Dave Beckett (Thursday, 25 March)

ANN: Sesame 1.0 released! Jeen Broekstra (Thursday, 25 March)

2nd Summer School on Ontological Engineering and the Semantic Web - SSSW-04 E.Motta (Thursday, 25 March)

URI for TriX? Jeremy Carroll (Thursday, 25 March)

Tools for 20 million triples? Charles McCathieNevile (Thursday, 25 March)

CfP - Special Issue - Journal of IT&T - Semantic Web Technologies and Applications Steffen Staab (Tuesday, 23 March)

A very basic question Zhu, Bin (Tuesday, 23 March)

Funding Opportunities RSS Schema Paul Hollands (Monday, 22 March)

ontological tool kit Alex Abramovich (Monday, 22 March)

Re: pound sign vs. slash as final URI delimiter Janne Saarela (Saturday, 20 March)

RDF as application/rdf+xml Graham Klyne (Friday, 19 March)

CfP: Workshop ECOOP-04: Philosophy, Ontology and Information Systems Pierre Grenon (Friday, 19 March)

Assigning URIs to people Richard Lennox (Thursday, 18 March)

new submission dates for SEMANTICS FOR GRID DATABASES Carole Goble (Thursday, 18 March)

OWL Questions Ben Juby (Thursday, 18 March)

2nd CFP: ECAI 2004 Workshop on Application of Semantic WebTechnologies to Web Communities Rubén Lara (Thursday, 18 March)

ESWS2004 registration is now open Jos de Bruijn (Wednesday, 17 March)

Developers Day at WWW 2004 Jim Hendler (Wednesday, 17 March)

RDF tools for mobile devices? Danny Ayers (Wednesday, 17 March)

W3C Developers Day CFP Jim Hendler (Wednesday, 17 March)

SEMANTICS FOR GRID DATABASES Deadline approaching Carole Goble (Tuesday, 16 March)

URIQA, schema namespaces etc. Danny Ayers (Tuesday, 16 March)

Question about header approach to URIQA and 404... Patrick Stickler (Tuesday, 16 March)

DEADLINE APPROACHING: EKAW 2004 - 14th Int. Conf. on Knowledge Engineering and Management Enrico Motta (Tuesday, 16 March)

Javascript 'Schema-Aware' RDF Editor Phil Dawes (Monday, 15 March)

Labelling element precendence Richard Lennox (Monday, 15 March)

WEBSA2004 Call for Papers: Second International Workshop on Web Based Systems and Applications (WEBSA2004) Baowen Xu (Monday, 15 March)

a bnode URI scheme?! Adam Souzis (Thursday, 11 March)

RDF APIs revisited Janne Saarela (Thursday, 11 March)

Write-up of SWIG Neil McNaughton (Thursday, 11 March)

CFP - WORKSHOP ON ONTOLOGIES AND THEIR APPLICATIONS fred.freitas@tci.ufal.br (Wednesday, 10 March)

Scraping RDF data from spreadsheets, etc Graham Klyne (Wednesday, 10 March)

a general question:why RDF? Serguei Krivov (Wednesday, 10 March)

Relationship HTML RDF g.fenza@tin.it (Wednesday, 10 March)

RULE vs MGET Phil Dawes (Wednesday, 10 March)

Making MGET more GET-friendly? David Powell (Tuesday, 9 March)

rdf parse-able Keith Bohnenberger (Tuesday, 9 March)

Clustering & Semantic Web g.fenza@tin.it (Tuesday, 9 March)

CFP: ACL 2004 Workshop on RDF/RDFS and OWL in Language Technology Graham Wilcock (Tuesday, 9 March)

AIMSA 2004: Conference on Artificial Intelligence: Methodology, Systems, Applications Christoph Bussler (Tuesday, 9 March)

Call for Participation - IWUC in conjunction with ICEIS'2004 KOUADRI MOSTEFAOUI Soraya (Tuesday, 9 March)

"Hands Off! That Fact Is Mine" Graham Klyne (Monday, 8 March)

Re: HTTP Methods Patrick Stickler (Monday, 8 March)

ANNOUNCE: Rx4RDF and Rhizome 0.2.0 Adam Souzis (Sunday, 7 March)

FOIS-2004 (Call For Papers) Jos Lehmann (Friday, 5 March)

OWL Ontology Editors Rhoads, Stephen (Friday, 5 March)

looking for semantic web inference tool qiang huo (Thursday, 4 March)

Summary various 'about:' solutions (rough first cut) Dirk-Willem van Gulik (Thursday, 4 March)

Re: DDDS / can you do sample full path ? (Fwd) Dirk-Willem van Gulik (Wednesday, 3 March)

Re: SemWeb in Guardian newspaper Karl Dubost (Tuesday, 2 March)

CGs for the Semantic Web: a short bibliography Jean-François Baget (Tuesday, 2 March)

Re: RDFQ: RDF Query in RDF Phil Dawes (Tuesday, 2 March)

Following the lightning talk on CORESE this morning Fabien Gandon (Tuesday, 2 March)

DDDS on URI's Dirk-Willem van Gulik (Tuesday, 2 March)

the new name: Tidepool Timothy Falconer (Monday, 1 March)

more lightning talks Jos De_Roo (Monday, 1 March)

CFP: OTM 2004 Federated Conference Laura Bright (Monday, 1 March)

Re: FOAF URI Scheme Dirk-Willem van Gulik (Monday, 1 March)

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