Re: wishlist re MGET, DDDS, various 'about:' solutions

On Mar 10, 2004, at 14:51, ext Benjamin Nowack wrote:

> ... So if this new SemWeb phase's objective is the wide
> deployment of semantic web applications (including the
> metadata discovery feature), then IMHO any combination
> of developer type and environment should be taken into
> consideration. ...

I agree.

> For a "best practice" document, I'd expect something along:
> - "if you want to relate your static html with rdf, do ..."
> - "if you can read incoming http headers, you may add... and
>    use ... "
> - "if you are familiar with url rewriting, do ..."
> - "if you are writing a scutter, try a HEAD first, if there is
>    no metadata header, try an MGET, then ..."

This kind of approach is not, in general, unpalatable to
me, though I'd avoid some of the options due to architectural
principles, and I would of course start with MGET first ;-)

> hope that was helpful..

I thought it was.




Patrick Stickler
Nokia, Finland

Received on Wednesday, 10 March 2004 08:05:48 UTC