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> Patrick Stickler wrote:
>>> ->    simple/fitting the operational/organisational regimes of the
>>>     creators/managers of the data ?
>> URIQA is. And this is proven in a global, real-world deployment  
>> within  Nokia.
> Can you elaborate on this? I just tried to "MGET /" from  
>, which gives me a 501 (Not Implemented),

That's because URIQA is not implemented (yet) on that server.

Deployment of URIQA is an ongoing process, with staggered deployment  
different servers. Also, deployment within our internal intranet is more
advanced than that of our publically visible servers.

> while "MGET /" on works (well, it gives a 404, actually).

Well, there's simply no description available for that resource. But  
working just fine ;-)


Guidelines_for_Game_Developers_v2_0.pdf HTTP/1.1


MGET /VOC-1/Vocabulary HTTP/1.1

> Convincing the admins of an organization's main web server to adopt  
> the new methods is exactly what I understand Dirk is referring to --  
> were you talking about something different here?

Convincing admins of the acceptance of new web functionality is (in my  
experience) much
easier than convincing modification to the DNS infrastructure.

Web server functionality is typically driven by marketing  
policies/need, and web
admins serve the owners of the web service. DNS is typically managed by  
a different
group of admins, typically also responsible for security, etc. which  
tend to, how
shall we say nicely, place less importance on marketing or general  
business needs ;-)

There is a commonly encountered division between web server maintenance  
and network
maintenance, and proposing the support of new web methods does not  
cross that line.
Proposing the extension of DNS functionality for DDDS does cross that  
line, and
for most folks, that means far more effort and resistance.

The above comments are per my own experience. My own experience may be  
unique and
not reflect that of a majority of others.



Patrick Stickler
Nokia, Finland

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