Javascript 'Schema-Aware' RDF Editor

Hi All,

I've been meaning to write a generic web-based rdf editor for some
time, and this weekend I made a start on it. Point your browser at:

It's basically a load of dhtml connected to a javascript RDF store
(originally based on Jim Ley's javascript code[1], but hacked up quite
a bit now). 
The serverside is currently a simple python cgi that reads files and
serves ntriples in response to canned queries (using the excellent
rdflib[2]). It's designed to be switched for a better RDF store, but
this is a prototype.

The javascript is currently hardcoded to point at a phil.rdf file, and
a foaf.rdf schema, and is quite slow because the cgi loads the rdf in
each request (and each page is ~2 or 3 requests).

I've tested it with Mozilla 1.4 and IE 6. IE seems to have problems
with rendering when adding multiple statements with the same property,
but apart from that it seems to work. 

I'm going to bed now - I'll mail a bit more tomorrow about how it
works and how it could be extended (and hopefully solicit suggestions
for improvement).

Good night,



Received on Monday, 15 March 2004 17:49:45 UTC