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At 09:58 26/03/04 -0500, Stephane Fellah wrote:
>I am not a heavy LISP developer, but it would be interesting to add LISP 
>to your list. I have the impression that LISP (a least logic programming) 
>will come back in a big way with the Semantic Web Phase 2. Some 
>initiatives such as DRS ( 
>makes me think that we will have a Logic program based on RDF 
>formalization (sort of LISP program in RDF that can carried out on the web 
>in portable way). I think imperative language such as Java, Python are not 
>adequate to be used on the SW.

While we're banging the drum for non-imperative approaches, there's also my 
experimentation with using Haskell [1].

At this time, there's nothing "industrial strength" here, but I am finding 
the software I've written in Haskell tends to be very solid, and, without 
any optimization, performs comparably with Python.



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