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I am not a heavy LISP developer, but it would be interesting to add LISP to your list. I have the impression that LISP (a least logic programming) will come back in a big way with the Semantic Web Phase 2. Some initiatives such as DRS ( makes me think that we will have a Logic program based on RDF formalization (sort of LISP program in RDF that can carried out on the web in portable way). I think imperative language such as Java, Python are not adequate to be used on the SW. 

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From: Jamie Pitts [] 
Sent: Friday, March 26, 2004 1:38 AM
To: RDF Interest Group
Subject: Programming languages

This is a request for small pearls of wisdom.

I am investigating the advantages and disadvantages of four programming 
languages in developing RDF and OWL applications: perl, python, php, 
and java.

Over the next week, I will post a (hopefully) colorful and opinionated 
essay based on what I accumulate. I'd like to ask for some impressions 
about favorite (and least favorite) languages for developing the 
semantic web. My own pearls (beyond general web app experience) will be 
based on impressions of joyfully printing triples from RDF.

For each of these languages, I have been looking at the syntax / 
writing style, libraries, communities, and applications. I have also 
been looking at the which languages power the major social software, 
ePortfolio, and blog apps. Most helpful thus far has been Dave 
Beckett's RDF Guide 


- JP

Jamie Pitts

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