RDF APIs revisited

Hi all

I gave a quick 2 minute suggestion at SWIG about
revisiting the RDF API space. Let me repeat my
talk here for those of you who were not present:


By the time RDF M&S became ready in 1999, Stanford
API was created and it picked the org.w3c.rdf
package for its Java interfaces.

DOM and SAX has proven useful in harmonizing the
lower level access to XML data model - something
that was quickly recognized as a worthwhile effort
after SGML era of proprietary interfaces.


Multiple RDF parsers expose the RDF data model
in various programming languages using their own APIs.

We now have the updated RDF specifications which
require revisiting of at least Java interfaces.
I think market would benefit from a synchronized effort
of keeping other object oriented (c++, python, others?)
RDF parsers similar to eventual Java upgrades.


1. jrdf effort would be a good effort to continue to
create developer consensus. However, this would only
make Java developers happy.

2. development of IDL type of descriptions from which
multiple language bindings can be derived. This would
be a DOM type of exercise for RDF.

Next steps

I am hoping to hear your opinions to see if there's
enough interest to push the APIs up to date.

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