Re: RDF as application/rdf+xml

* Graham Klyne <> [2004-03-19 17:20+0000]
> I'm wondering how many applications/systems are actually set up to serve 
> RDF as application/rdf+xml.  A brief exploration with Google suggests that 
> many RDF files are currently served as text/plain or text/xml, and just a 
> few as application/rdf+xml.
> Is this typical?

Depends how you want to count, perhaps. There are pushing 2 million 
RDF files served from LiveJournal as application/rdf+xml, for example.
(eg. Similarly from 
TypePad eg -- in general when 
providers make FOAF profile documents available, they use the right 
type. With RSS I think the situation is more complex, and
application/rss+xml or somesuch might be common.

Stats from a recent RDF crawler might be interesting; Google doesn't 
follow RDF-to-RDF rdfs:seeAlso references...


Received on Friday, 19 March 2004 13:31:43 UTC