ontological tool kit

Hi all,

I am new to this community. My research area is
Ontology Engineering. I consider an ontology as a
system of codes and keying signals of a useful
consciousness. I take users' part in point of a will
to utilization a computer as an intellectual partner
in a fulfillment of profession/living activities (that
is, as a specialist in all areas). A key feature of
professionalism is a reasoning reduction. Focus of an
expertís attention is a state verbalization and task
recognition. Recognized domain specified state/task
verbalization relates with a certain profession skill.
At that the ontology, in passing, exactly in
compliance with Riichiro Mizoguchi, plays a part of
- a common vocabulary,
- an instrument of information access,
- a medium for mutual understanding and
- a foundation of knowledge systematization.
Profession skill represents resource available in the
form of an ontological proposition. System engine
utilizes it as a protocol of Web resources governing
as well as for on-line instruction of user.
For a performance of this scheme I developed a
declarative/procedure ontological mark-up language.
But prior to set about its realization I want to be
sure that I donít invent a wheel. Maybe already there
is an appropriate ontological tool kit?
Can anybody help me?

With a kind regards,
Alex Abramovich,

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Received on Monday, 22 March 2004 06:31:52 UTC