Re: RDF as application/rdf+xml

At 14:35 23/03/04 +0100, Dirk-Willem van Gulik wrote:

>On Mar 23, 2004, at 2:14 PM, Graham Klyne wrote:
>>It turns out that getting Apache to serve application/rdf+xml is dead 
>>easy.  Simply adding the following line to one's .htaccess file does the 
>>trick for *.rdf files.
>>   AddType application/rdf+xml .rdf
>You probably want to add it to your conf/mime.types as
>                 application/rdf+xml     rdf RDF Rdf
>or add the above line to httpd.conf as ".htaccess" files have
>rather large performance/security downsides.

Hi Dirk-Willem,

(I don't run my own Apache server, so I only get to use the .htaccess 
files.  When the MIME type is registered, I could talk to my ISP.)

>While on the subject - was
>         draft-swartz-rdfcore-rdfxml-mediatype-01
>ever turned into an RFC ? If that is the case them I am perfectly
>happy to add the above to the Apache standard distributions.

It's "in the mill".  (Actually, a question from that process about the 
extent to which application/rdf+xml is actually used was partly responsible 
for prompting this thread.)

>Right now the last I can find is a 'Should Not' in RFC3023:

Yes, I noticed that too.

>Which makes it a bit hard for me to argue that we should put this
>mime type in the core apache distributions.

Yes, of course.


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