Developers Day at WWW 2004

In response to a couple of questions sent in reply to my earlier 
mailing to this list:

1 - my apologies for the mistake in the subject -- the WWW 2004 
conference is not run by the W3C, although they do participate.  The 
Developers Day program is part of the WWW 2004 conference.  For more 
info on the conference see

2 - I omitted the date information - the Developers Day will be held 
this year, as in past years, on the Saturday at the end of the WWW 
conference -- this year that will be May 22.

3 - There is likely to be a Semantic Web track - submissions that 
appear to fit in with Semantic Web research will be forwarded to the 
chair of that track if/when the decision is made to hold it (and who 
will chair it).  So if you send submissions to 
they will, indeed, get forwarded to the head of that track

  Hope that helps
  Jim H.

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