Re: Programming languages

Hi Jamie,

> I am investigating the advantages and disadvantages of four programming
> languages in developing RDF and OWL applications: perl, python, php,
> and java.

The main advantage of using PHP is that it is installed on 15 million
web-servers ( Thus using PHP and a pure PHP
RDF library, you can just drop your application on most public ISP's
webservers and it is working. The disadvantage is that PHP is rather slow,
compared to languages like java.

Shelley Powers did a similar language comparison in her O'Reilly book
"Practical RDF", but her results are outdated by now, because the APIs have
developed further. An interesting up-to-date comparison of the RDF parsers
for the different languages is found at


Received on Friday, 26 March 2004 05:12:36 UTC