Re: Making MGET more GET-friendly?

>    (3) if the resource itself is represented in RDF, HTML, JPEG, or
>        another metadata friendly format, you can/should include at
>        least the metadata-location (and maybe some other metadata) in
>        the representation itself.

XMP should not be underestimated.

> (Of course your location *might* involved a ".meta" appended to the
> name, but I would never assume such a thing.  :-)

Aye - but I have to admit - after arguing strongly once upon a time
for 'META' in Apache/NCSA, and after having mod_meta in apache
- we never really used it all that much.

> Do you have an everything-worked-out tutorial on how to use DDDS like
> this?   (I read some of the DDDS RFC's long ago.  I'm looking for
> something rather different here.)
Work in progress at

Quick guide:


Received on Wednesday, 10 March 2004 18:09:56 UTC