discussion list for Annotea developers

Annotea team has started a new public mailing list to be used for detailed 
discussions related to Annotea development: "public-annotea-dev".

This list gives Annotea developers a forum to discuss, brainstorm, and 
ripen ideas before they are ready for feedback from larger audience at 
"www-annotation" list.

Developers interested in these discussions can subscribe to the list by 
sending mail to public-"annotea-dev-request" with subject:"subscribe" . In 
case they want to unsubscribe the list at some point they need to use 
subject: "unsubscribe".

The messages of the annotea developers list are archived in 

(All the lists in this announcement are located at "@w3.org")


Received on Saturday, 27 March 2004 17:49:05 UTC