Re: Making MGET more GET-friendly?

On Mar 11, 2004, at 15:41, Patrick Stickler wrote:

> On Mar 11, 2004, at 15:11, ext Sandro Hawke wrote:
>>>> Architecturally, you seem to be advocating making a whole bunch of
>>>> very interesting data not addressable by URIs.   Seems like a step
>>>> backwards.
>>> You have misunderstood me. I'm not advocating not denoting 
>>> descriptions
>>> with distinct URIs. The Nokia implementation provides a URI for every
>>> description.
>> How, via a Location header on the response to MGET?   And that
>> Location can be accessed via GET to get the same content?
>> That seems fine.
> Yup.

In actuality, I'm using the Content-Location header to specify the URI
of the description (entity) being returned by the MGET request, which
seems the correct header to use.

The Location header, as I understand it, is particular to the resource
denoted by the request URI (i.e. an alias, owl:sameAs) rather than
the entity (representation/description of the resource) being returned.




Patrick Stickler
Nokia, Finland

Received on Friday, 19 March 2004 06:51:36 UTC