RE: RDF tools for mobile devices?

if you find someting, plz tell me. I crave for FOAF on my palm.... 
I want Ubiquotous Semantic Web now !

there where some iCal scripts for PALM platform, I think to extract some
info from the databases of the Palm Desktop. 

This is on PALM, too.

You may perhaps use the .NET API on a WindowsCE (just a guess)
there is a C# project:

this is .NET also:

Leo Sauermann

I also have this snippet from an email I found years ago, perhaps you
can google for more:

(for short: it means you cannot extract any info from the palm desktop
and its a painful task to do)

--- snip start ---

> We need to read the databases stored by the Palm
> Desktop app, such as the AddressBook and DateBook. We
> have a good reason for it - we are making this data
> available on-demand to another app, and the Palm Pilot
> may not be present.

This functionality is currently not available in the SDK.
We attempted to get it in, but couldn't provide a solution
good enough to release to developers. If there was such
an API, what is the functionality you would like to see
in it?

> We might even create, say, an addressbook
> desktop->palmpilot app using the Conduits Wizard. Then
> we would simply rip out the palmpilot parts.
> Any of this sound horribly wrong?

The Generic conduit has code to read the .dat files.
It doesn't use MFC, so you don't have to worry about
MFC versions breaking your application.

The desktop formats haven't changed for a long time.
However, I can't comment on future changes. We would
definitely like to provide an API so that developers can
write code without worrying about data format changes
and the like.

- Raja

--- snip end ---

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> Hi,
> I'm just curious - what is available so far for the developer that 
> wishes to use RDF on limited but connectable devices such as PDAs and 
> mobile phones? Any little APIs out there?
> Cheers,
> Danny.

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