Re: a bnode URI scheme?!

Adam Souzis wrote:
| * even in the case where adding this information is satisfactory it
| might not be desirable to do that, especially in the context of the Web.
| If I give the addresss bnode with a URI reference I am commiting
| everyone else in the world to know that URI reference I gave it if they
| want to refer to that address. But if I just use a bNode then any RDF
| processor, *without any schema knowledge*, just by applying graph
| equivalancy, can infer that another model that contains a bNode or URI
| reference with the same extension is refering to the same entity.
I don't think that it is true that the identity of an anonymous resource
is given by the fact that only identical properties are present in the
model. If two resource have identical properties they may be equal
(owl:sameAs) or not independently of whether they are anonymous or not. 
I think the open-world assumptions applies also for anonymous
resources, and distinguishing properties may exist even if they are not
contained in the present set of triples (since the model is not a closed 
world I cannot assume the identity of the indistinguishable).


Received on Thursday, 11 March 2004 18:19:46 UTC