Re: OWL tools Re: Tools for 20 million triples?

> * Charles McCathieNevile <> [2004-03-27 22:20-0500]
>>Hi folks,
>>So it seems there are plenty of systems capable of handling lots of RDF. Are
>>there any that handle OWL (in some version or other) at that scale?

Jan Wielemaker's SWI Prolog doesn't include a specific OWL package but 
has some support via the triple20 RDF triple viewer and editor (beta).

It does include a "near full" OWL reasoner which, I would hope, could be 
used independently of the editor (but that's a guess on my part).

Extracts from the above web page...
OWL reasoning uses a subset of OWL/Full, inferring properties that can 
be inferred fairly quickly. Supported reasoning includes: owl:sameAs and 
the property attributes owl:inverseOf, owl:SymmetricProperty and 
owl:TransitiveProperty. It also derives the value of a property if one 
of the types of a resource defines owl:hasValue.

Triple20 deduces the class extensions of restrictions and descriptions. 
If property values are to be considered it uses the above described 
features to infer property values.

It supports OWL at the following places:
     * Restriction labels
     * OWL Descriptions
     * Subclass
     * Inferred properties



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