Re: Making MGET more GET-friendly?

Hello Dirk-Willem,

Wednesday, March 10, 2004, 7:56:38 AM, wrote in :

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>> How about if it was MANDATORY for responses to MGET to have a

> s/MGET/GET/ perhaps ?

No, I meant MGET here. I was proposing that you could continue to get
the resource using GET , and that you could
get the resources metadata using MGET , but
that the MGET would also return a Content-Location header pointing to or
which could then be used by GET requests for agents that didn't
support MGET. This would help MGET data to still be part of the wider

I'm not sure whether this would be a valid use of Content-Location,
but a different header could be used for the same purpose if it was

This still assumes a 1:1 relationship between data and metadata, but
it makes getting metadata, and getting remain separate operations
which could have independent access controls.

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