RE: Trix tools


> More positively,
> jena.rdfcompare [1]
> can read two N-triples files and tell you whether they are 
> the same or not. It implements graph equivalence as defined 
> by RDF Concepts.

Thanks.  I'll use this.

I have the mid-term goal of reworking the stylesheet to produce Trix
from RDF/XML instead of N-Triples.  But I need to know that the
stylesheet is still compatible with the final recommendation, to the
extent that it was [1] when I last ran the tests in March 2003.


[1] It failed the positive tests rdf-charmod-literals and
rdfms-xml-literal-namespaces, because of the difficulty of converting to
escaped unicode sequences in XSLT, and of writing out insignificant
whitespace correctly in XML literals.

Received on Friday, 26 March 2004 09:50:01 UTC