DEADLINE APPROACHING: EKAW 2004 - 14th Int. Conf. on Knowledge Engineering and Management


Please note that the deadline for receipt of papers is April 1st 2004


14th International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Management
EKAW 2004

Main Conference: 5-7 October 2004
Tutorials and Workshops: 8th October 2004

Whittlebury Hall, Northamptonshire, UK



Important Dates

Call for Papers
Deadline for paper submissions: April 1st 2004
Notification of acceptance: May 1st 2004
Camera-ready copy of paper: June 1st 2004

Call for Workshop Submissions
Deadline for proposals: April 1st 2004
Notification of acceptance: April 7th 2004
Camera-ready workshop notes: September 1st 2004

Call for Tutorials
Deadline for proposals: April 1st 2004
Notification of acceptance: April 7th 2004
Camera-ready tutorial notes: September 1st 2004

Call for Posters
Deadline for poster submissions: May 15th 2004
Notification of acceptance: June 1st 2004
Camera-ready copy of short paper: June 15th 2004

Call for Technology Demonstrations
Deadline for demo proposals and descriptions: May 15th 2004
Notification of acceptance: June 1st 2004
Camera-ready descriptions: June 15th 2004


The 14th International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and 
Knowledge Management is concerned with all aspects of eliciting, 
acquiring, modelling and managing knowledge, and their role in the 
construction of knowledge-intensive systems and services for the 
semantic web, knowledge management, e-business, natural language 
processing, intelligent integration information, etc. Submissions are 
invited on relevant topics, including but not restricted to:


- Knowledge Modelling, Knowledge Annotation, Knowledge Management and 
Knowledge Evolution on the Semantic Web
- Semantic web services: Theory, Tools and Applications
- Problem solving methods and semantic web services
- Ontology-based wrapper technology
- Semantic Portals
- Human language technologies and the Semantic Web
- Peer to Peer communication between semantic systems
- Brokering systems
- Architectures for the Semantic Web


- Methodologies and tools for Knowledge Management
- Methodologies and tools for (possible distributed) corporate memory 
construction, evaluation and evolution
- Knowledge Management Applications
- Social and human factors dimensions of knowledge management
- Knowledge acquisition, work place analysis and requirements 
engineering for knowledge modelling
- Knowledge modelling and enterprise modelling
- Human language technologies and Knowledge Management


- Languages, techniques, tools and methodologies for Knowledge 
Acquisition, Modelling and Management
- Methods and tools for collaborative building, evolution and 
evaluation of ontologies
- Ontology Learning from natural language, from semi-structured data 
and from structured data
- Methodologies and tools for ontology reengineering, reuse, merging, 
alignment, integration and certification
- Ontologies and agents
- Ontologies and Information Sharing
- Ontologies and Intelligent Integration Information


- Advanced Knowledge modelling languages and tools
- Knowledge capture through machine learning and knowledge discovery 
in data bases
- Specific knowledge modelling issues for CBR systems, cooperative 
KBS, training applications
- Knowledge Acquisition from texts
- Evaluation of methods, techniques and tools for Knowledge Acquisition
- Knowledge modelling for improving Human Computer Interaction

EKAW 2004 International Programme Committee

Joint Chairs
Enrico MOTTA, The Open University (UK)
Nigel SHADBOLT, University of Southampton (UK)

Workshop and Tutorials Chair
John DOMINGUE, The Open University (UK)

Poster Session Chair
Nick GIBBINS, University of Southampton (UK)

Technology Demonstrations Chair
Martin DZBOR, The Open University (UK)

Programme Committee
Stuart AITKEN, University of Edinburgh (UK)
Hans AKKERMANS, Free University of Amsterdam (NL)
Brigitte BIEBOW, Université Paris-Nord (FR)
Joost BREUKER, University of Amsterdam (NL)
Fabio CIRAVEGNA, University of Sheffield (UK)
Olivier CORBY, INRIA-Sophia-Antipolis (FR)
Paul COMPTON, University of New South Wales (AU)
Srinandan DASMAHAPATRA, University of Southampton (UK)
Ying DING, University of Innsbruck (AT)
Rose DIENG, INRIA-Sophia-Antipolis, (FR)
John DOMINGUE, Open University (UK)
Jerôme EUZENAT, INRIA Rhône-Alpes, (FR)
Dieter FENSEL, University of Innsbruck (AT)
Mariano FERNANDEZ-LOPEZ, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (ES)
John GENNARI, University of Washington (US)
Yolanda GIL, ISI, University of Southern California (US)
Asun GOMEZ-PEREZ, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (ES)
Udo HAHN, Universitaet Freiburg (DE)
Catholijn JONKER, Free University of Amsterdam (NL)
Rob KREMER, University of Calgary (CA)
Riichiro MIZOGUCHI, Osaka University (JP)
Martin MOLINA GONZÁLEZ, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (ES)
Hiroshi MOTODA, Osaka University, (JP)
Mark MUSEN, Stanford University (US)
Kieron O'HARA, University of Southampton (UK)
Daniel E. O'LEARY, University of Southern California (US)
Bijan PARSIA, University of Maryland (US)
Enric PLAZA I CERVERA, Spanish Scientific Research Council, CSIC (ES)
Alun PREECE, University of Aberdeen (UK)
Ulrich REIMER, University of Konstanz (CH)
Chantal REYNAUD, University of Paris-Sud (FR)
François ROUSSELOT, ERIC-LIIA, ENSAIS, University of Strasbourg (FR)
Marie-Christine ROUSSET, University of Paris-Sud (FR)
Guus SCHREIBER, Free University of Amsterdam (NL)
Derek SLEEMAN, University of Aberdeen (UK)
Steffen STAAB, University of Karlsruhe (DE)
Heiner STUCKENSCHMIDT, Free University of Amsterdam (NL)
Rudi STUDER, University of Karlsruhe (DE)
Arthur STUTT, The Open University (UK)
York SURE, University of Karlsruhe (DE)
Annette ten TEIJE, Free University of Amsterdam (NL)
Frank VAN HARMELEN, Free University of Amsterdam (NL)
Bob WIELINGA, University of Amsterdam (NL)
Mike WOOLDRIDGE, University of Liverpool (UK)
Zdenek ZDRAHAL, The Open University (UK)

Received on Monday, 15 March 2004 19:57:13 UTC